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    2 Oct 2013 | Service | Info

    Are you looking for a one stop destination to buy tyres Dublin? Then why not try Tyre Centre! We are a leading car tyre supplier in Dublin. We are well-equipped with a huge stock of tyres from all leading tyre brands from across the globe. Also, our tyre prices are very competitive and largely affordable. Car tyres are integral for safety and protection while driving. It is the only part of your vehicle that directly touches the road, hence significant in ensuring safe driving. At Tyre Centre we[...]

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    Brake Pads & Discs

     Is any squeaking or grinding sound coming out of your brake? Is the warning light of your brake system always remains on? Then, probably time has come when you should consider replacing it. However, it’s bit tough to identify the issue at the initial level. And generally, when people realize, it’s already too late. Hence, getting it checked on a timely basis is important to avoid damaging of the vehicle as a whole. Working pattern of the brake pads of your car is very [...]

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    Shocks & Suspension

    Increasing the friction between road and the car is the main job that your car suspension does. Without it, your passengers can’t sit comfortably. So, getting it serviced timely is significant for a safe ride. The suspension system is designed in a way that it monitors the driving ensuring you a pleasant ride. Spring and shock absorber are the main components of this system. After coming in contact with the road bump, a certain amount of force is exerted on the wheel. [...]

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    Charging & Batteries

    An efficient car battery ensures a safe and smooth ride. It not only stores the energy but also gives power to the starter. In fact, all electronic parts of your car when in idle mode derive power from the battery. Periodic maintenance of a vehicle’s battery is a key to prolong its life. The battery of your car may stop functioning properly due to many reasons. Some of them are: Leaving the lights on for a long time Extreme weather conditions Rough driving habits Breakdown of the vehicle[...]

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    Oil & Filter Change

    A car’s oil works as a lubricant that minimizes friction between different components. In this way, it ensures longevity of the mechanical parts. Regular checking of oil and filter makes the engine runs smooth for a long time. According to the experts, the oil should be changed by a professional car mechanic after every 1 year approximately.  The trained technicians of Tyre Centre have years of experience in changing car oil. To maintain the optimum performance of your car in a [...]

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    Clutch & Timing Belt

     At Tyre Centre, you will get timing belt that will match your car’s design, irrespective of its make and model. Our comprehensive range of reliable and effective clutch and timing belt replacement service covers inspection of their conditions, selecting the parts from our huge stock, and free installation of that part. Replacement of Timing Belt It is the timing belt that controls the engine valve of a car. This belt is an important part of the internal combustion engine. In [...]

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    Vehicle Diagnostics

    Do you see some warning lights getting on and off on your dashboard? If yes then you might require running engine diagnostics check to determine the potential problem responsible for hauling your vehicle from performing on road. With the advent of technology, automobile industry has come under the influence of computer controlled programs, which further gave rise to vehicle diagnostics.  Now, how many of you are actually aware of this kind of diagnostic system? Very less number of people [...]

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    Wheel Alignment

    We know how much safety is important for you and at Tyre Centre we offer high-end geometry services on all sorts of vehicles. With our high-performing services, you can now enhance the life of your car’s tyres and other mechanical components with ease and efficiency. We are wheel alignment specialists working 24/7 for your comfort and pleasure. Wheel alignments are crucial and highly significant in enhancing the effectiveness of your tyres and steering. When a wheel is misplaced,[...]

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