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    Welcome to Tyre Centre Tyres Clonskeagh.  You won’t be under any pressure to buy shock absorbers or brakes because we don’t sell them!  We only supply and fit car, 4 x 4 and van tyres.  This means we offer you expert knowledge and a wide choice of tyre brands.

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    Premium Affordable Car Tyres in Clonskeagh

    Tyre Centre Tyres Clonskeagh provides a wide variety of items at affordable rates, and you’re able to choose in between several of the leading brand names in the industry, including Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone and Dunlop. We additionally equip a huge variety of Super Value tyres, along with Standard items, which include the likes of Firenza, Nexen, Imperial, Marshal, Avon and Federal & Firestone. We’re confident that we can provide our consumers with one of the most affordable rates, and we can refund the difference on any tyre purchased within a 20 mile distance of our Clonskeagh fitting centre. You just have to bring us a written quote on the rate within 7 days of the preliminary purchase, while online quotes are not accepted.

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     We stock and fit the following tyres: 

    Car Tyres In Clonskeagh With A Perfected Fitting Service

    Our team is trained to fit tyres safely and we never make use of airguns to tighten wheel nuts, instead we tighten up and torque wheel nuts manually, so they’re never over tightened up and troublesome in the event of an emergency situation. Every tyre we set up is properly seatsed on the wheel and we do this by overinflating the tyre before deflating it to the correct pressure.

    Clonskeagh Tyre Fitting Centre

    Thank you for seeing the site of Tyre Centre. We are an independent family-run company that has actually developed a reputation over the last 8 years for reliable, authentic and reliable service.

    At Tyre Centre Tyres and Exhaust Centre customers go to the heart of our service and we constantly try to regularly exceed their needs. At function a warm welcome is provided by our pleasant assistant that has considerable expertise of the tyre and exhaust service. We offer a clean, safe and inviting customer waiting area, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a biscuit to greet you on arrival!

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    car tyres in Clonskeagh Clonskeagh cheap car tyres

    We offer the following services for free: 

    • Tyre checks – covering tyre condition, tread depth, wheel alignment, wheel balancing and inflation.
    • Brake checks – covering wear on brake pads/shoes, brake discs and drums, wheel alignment and balancing
    • Exhaust checks – covering corrosion, loose baffles, cracks, excessive noise, leaks, joint failures, condition of studs and brackets and excessive impact damage.
    • Ladies Day – free car check for our lady drivers
    • Free suspension checks

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