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    One of the most popular, popular tyre manufacturers, we are happy to offer Minerva variety here at Tyre Centre. Available in a range of designs, our Minerva tyres are ideal for a host of requirements– from increasing the driving efficiency of your car to supplying a cheap, budget-friendly tyre service that will not compromise on security or style.

    The professionals at Tyre Centre can help you pick the most suitable Minerva tyre for your requirements and will then fit them for you ensuring long-lasting, trustworthy usage and superior levels of functionality.

    Additionally, our position at the forefront of the tyre distribution market indicates we have the ability to offer competitively low rates on all our top quality tyres.

     Minerva Tyres

    Low Prices on Minerva Tyres

    At tyrecentre.ie we remove the confusion from purchasing new automobile tyres online. In the past, acquiring vehicle tyres in the Ireland might be a frustrating experience. Considering that 2009, we have actually been making it as simple as possible, whilst likewise providing a terrific selection alongside wonderful cost savings. Check out our tyre costs today.


    What type of tyres to choose?

    The tyre you require depends significantly on the kind of vehicle you drive and the kind of driving you do. If you drive short distances around town on the school run or to the local stores then economy and safety will be a main issue when choosing a tyre. If you do a lot of motorway driving then low sound, comfort and fuel saving might be factors in assisting you discover the right tyre. Motorists with high-end vehicles and sports cars will have an interest in high performance tyres, which provide precision handling, outstanding traction and manoeuvrability at speed.

    At Tyre Centre we can advise you on the best vehicle tyre for your driving requirements, and at a low tyre rate that won’t break your budget.

    Our Minerva Price Promise to you

    Our tyre costs are the very best in the business– and the Tyre Centre Cost Pledge indicates we won’t be beaten on rate, ensured. If you can find the very same tyre in stock in your area at a lower price, then we guarantee to beat that rival’s quotation. Claims are valid versus composed quotes from any similar retailer leaving out trade, internet or wholesale operations or products currently on promotion and must connect to the very same item, part and maker (including guarantees).


    {Tyre Model) Tyre Safety

    Tyres are one of the most crucial components of an automobile. The tyre tread location making contact with the roadway is fairly small– just about the size of the palm of your hand – so if your tyres are used or harmed it can seriously impact your cars and truck’s safety and handling. Not just that, if your tyres don’t satisfy legal requirements, you could face a fine of 2,500 euro per tyre and 3 penalty points on your licence.

    That’s why it is necessary to examine tyre tread depth, basic tyre condition and tyre pressure to ensure your tyres are safe for the roadways.

    Tread depth needs to be above the legal minimum of 1.6 mm throughout a constant strip in the centre 3 quarters of the tread and around the entire tyre area. At Tyre Centre, we support the 3mm campaign which advises motorists replace their tyres when the tread reaches 3mm for utmost security when driving especially in the damp at high speeds.

    Tyres should be correctly inflated inning accordance with the vehicle maker’s suggestions in the lorry handbook. Over-inflated tyres trigger excess wear, shortening tyre life and can result in an uncomfortable flight; under-inflated tyres result in increased fuel intake and faster wear of the tread shoulders plus increased chance of effect damage.

    You need to also inspect the general condition of your tyre for any sign of bumps, bulges or cuts which might cause a blow out when driving.

    Tyre Centre suggests that vehicle drivers examine tyre tread depth, condition and pressure on a monthly basis and prior to any long journeys– and if in doubt, entered into your regional Tyre Centre branch for a free tyre security assessment. For additional information, visit our tyre info pages.

    Cheap Minerva Tyres

    More great reasons to visit Tyre Centre:

    • The best choice of tyres and tyre prices online, from budget to premium, big names to quality, private brands
    • Highly qualified tyre technicians providing honest advice and expertise
    • Great guarantees on all products
    • We put the fast in fast-fitting!


    Minerva Tyres BY TYPE

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    • Minerva Winter Car Tyres


    We stock and fit the following Minerva tyres to all makes and models: 

    Minerva New Tyres

    Minerva (/mɪˈnɜːr.və/; Latin: [mɪˈnɛr.wa]; Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. The Romans did not stress her relation to battle and warfare as the Greeks did. From the second century BC onward, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.[1]

    Following the Greek myths around Athena, she was born of Metis, who had been swallowed by Jupiter, and burst from her father’s head, fully armed and clad in armor.[2] Jupiter forcefully impregnated the titaness Metis, which resulted in her attempting to change shape (or shapeshift) to escape him. Jupiter then recalled the prophecy that his own child would overthrow him as he had Saturn, and in turn, Saturn had Caelus.

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