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    Among the most popular, popular tyre makers, we are delighted to provide Roadstone variety here at Tyre Centre. Available in a range of designs, our Roadstone tyres are ideal for a host of requirements– from increasing the driving performance of your automobile to supplying a cheap, budget-friendly tyre solution that won’t compromise on safety or style.

    The professionals at Tyre Centre can help you pick the most proper Roadstone tyre for your requirements and will then fit them for you ensuring long-lasting, trusted use and exceptional levels of functionality.

    Moreover, our position at the leading edge of the tyre circulation industry indicates we are able to offer competitively low rates on all our top quality tyres.

     Roadstone Tyres

    Low Prices on Roadstone Tyres

    At tyrecentre.ie we get rid of the confusion from purchasing new automobile tyres online. In the past, acquiring automobile tyres in the Ireland might be an aggravating experience. Given that 2009, we’ve been making it as easy as possible, whilst likewise offering a terrific choice alongside wonderful cost savings. Have a look at our tyre rates today.


    What type of tyres to choose?

    The tyre you need depends greatly on the sort of automobile you drive and the type of driving you do. If you drive brief distances around town on the school run or to the local shops then economy and security will be a main issue when selecting a tyre. If you do a lot of motorway driving then low noise, comfort and fuel saving might be factors in helping you find the best tyre. Motorists with luxury cars and cars will have an interest in high efficiency tyres, which provide accuracy handling, excellent traction and manoeuvrability at speed.

    At Tyre Centre we can advise you on the ideal car tyre for your driving requirements, and at a low tyre price that will not break your budget.

    Our Roadstone Price Promise to you

    Our tyre rates are the very best in the business– and the Tyre Centre Cost Pledge implies we will not be beaten on rate, guaranteed. If you can find the very same tyre in stock locally at a lower cost, then we assure to beat that rival’s quote. Claims stand versus written quotes from any similar retailer leaving out trade, web or wholesale operations or items currently on promo and should relate to the same item, part and maker (consisting of guarantees).


    {Tyre Model) Tyre Safety

    Tyres are among the most essential parts of a lorry. The tyre tread location making contact with the road is fairly little– only about the size of the palm of your hand – so if your tyres are worn or damaged it can seriously affect your automobile’s safety and handling. Not only that, if your tyres do not satisfy legal requirements, you could face a fine of 2,500 euro per tyre and 3 penalty points on your licence.

    That’s why it is necessary to examine tyre tread depth, general tyre condition and tyre pressure to guarantee your tyres are safe for the roads.

    Tread depth should be above the legal minimum of 1.6 mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three quarters of the tread and around the entire tyre circumference. At Tyre Centre, we support the 3mm project which recommends motorists replace their tyres when the tread reaches 3mm for utmost safety when driving particularly in the damp at high speeds.

    Tyres should be correctly inflated inning accordance with the automobile maker’s suggestions in the car handbook. Over-inflated tyres cause excess wear, reducing tyre life and can lead to an unpleasant ride; under-inflated tyres lead to increased fuel usage and faster wear of the tread shoulders plus increased chance of effect damage.

    You should also inspect the general condition of your tyre for any indication of bumps, bulges or cuts which might cause a blow out when driving.

    Tyre Centre suggests that drivers check tyre tread depth, condition and pressure on a monthly basis and prior to any long journeys– and if in doubt, entered your local Tyre Centre branch for a totally free tyre security inspection. For additional information, visit our tyre details pages.

    Cheap Roadstone Tyres

    More great reasons to visit Tyre Centre:

    • The best choice of tyres and tyre prices online, from budget to premium, big names to quality, private brands
    • Highly qualified tyre technicians providing honest advice and expertise
    • Great guarantees on all products
    • We put the fast in fast-fitting!


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    We stock and fit the following Roadstone tyres to all makes and models: 

    Roadstone New Tyres

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