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Replacement of Brake Pad and Discs

Is any squeaking or grinding sound coming out of your brake? Is the warning light of your brake system always remains on? Then, probably time has come when you should consider replacing it. However, it’s bit tough to identify the issue at the initial level. And generally, when people realize, it’s already too late. Hence, getting it checked on a timely basis is important to avoid damaging of the vehicle as a whole.

Working pattern of the brake pads of your car is very similar to that of a rubber brake of a bicycle. The brake disc turns with the moving of the car’s wheel. As soon as you hit the brake, the pads of brake are pushed against the disc. As a result, friction occurs which slows down the car’s speed. To ensure proper performance of the vehicle, and to keep the passengers safe, you have to be sure that your brakes are working absolutely fine. If you are using your car with damaged brake system, then the braking distances will automatically increase. It, in turn will affect the brake rotors. The worst part in it is that the replacement of brake rotors is pricier than replacement of the braking pads.

Undoubtedly, the car brakes are one of the most complicated parts ever designed. To get best service on it, contact our experts. Our skilled technicians will replace it only with the one that matches the original specification. While replacing your braking system, we do it on both the sides of the axle to restore the balance.

Prior to doing any kind of work on your disc brakes, we inspect the pads of the brake thoroughly. If the thickness of the pad is less than 3mm, we will replace it with new pads. The condition of your brake fluid, brake calliper, rotors and hoses will also be inspected from our side. Once they are done with the replacement and inspection, they will check the safety of the vehicle by going for a test drive. Ceramic or semi-metallic pad is most-loved because of their durability and efficiency. Hence, we prefer to use these kinds of pads only. To enable your car working good, get the thickness of brake pads measured annually.

Brake pad replacement cost depends upon the model and brand of your car. The repairing company you’re selecting also can change the amount of money involved. We will inform you everything regarding the cost. By seeking assistance from us, you will be able to enjoy quality service. Our experts believe that as this is your car, you have the right to know what part is being installed and what the exact price of your brake disc is. To sustain a crystal-clear relationship with our client, we give a free price estimate. As we have plethora of braking parts with us like cables, cylinders, discs, pads, hoses, and others, you can expect to get the service done in a quick turnaround time.

Our pool of talented technicians promises to deliver their services at a pocket-friendly price.

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