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We offer battery replacements for all car models

An efficient car battery ensures a safe and smooth ride. It not only stores the energy but also gives power to the starter. In fact, all electronic parts of your car when in idle mode derive power from the battery. Periodic maintenance of a vehicle’s battery is a key to prolong its life.

The battery of your car may stop functioning properly due to many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Cranking sound is coming out of the engine but it’s not starting.
  • No lights and no cranks
  • Sometimes, it starts, and sometimes it isn’t
  • Battery case is swollen
  • Problems with other electrical parts
  • Battery is smelling weird

If you find any of the above-mentioned signs in your battery, then go to a professional without delaying. By getting the battery checked from Tyre Centre, you will be able to know about its condition. It, in turn, will help you to prevent premature inconveniences related to the battery.

Replacing of Car Battery

Contact us to get the quality battery for your car. At Tyre Centre, you will get batteries for light vehicles, caravans, recreational automobiles, and mobility automobiles. We are well-known for providing instant assistance right at your doorstep within one hour usually. After diagnosing the condition of your battery, our technicians will replace it, if required. The battery that we’ll pick from our stock of quality car batteries for sale will surely meet your requirements. Apart from replacing the battery, our team has included a maintenance package in which they will clean and check the level of the fluid to make sure that your battery is working fine.

Cost of Car Battery

Car battery prices vary from one company to another. You will get batteries at our store at competitive prices. Plus, the installation of the battery will be provided by us absolutely free, if you are booking our services online. While booking, make it certain that you have entered your vehicle’s information in detail. Depending upon the information you have provided, we will pick a battery with proper size so as to match the terminal locations of your car.

Instead of opting for cheap car batteries that bring down cars’ performance, buy our 3-year warranty batteries. Our price depends on the battery installed. However, the price tag we will give you will be inclusive of the VAT and the disposal of the old battery. After replacing the worn-out battery, our technicians will test the performance of the new one before installation. Also, the other charging components will be checked from our end to determine how they are working.

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