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Shocks & Suspension replacement for all types of cars

Increasing the friction between road and the car is the main job that your car suspension does. Without it, your passengers can’t sit comfortably. So, getting it serviced timely is significant for a safe ride. The suspension system is designed in a way that it monitors the driving ensuring you a pleasant ride.

Spring and shock absorber are the main components of this system. After coming in contact with the road bump, a certain amount of force is exerted on the wheel. Consequently, the spring compressed and it restores the energy produced. Now, the spring goes on compressing and expanding. But the absorber remains damp and hence, converts the stored energy into heat energy. The absorber does so to create friction between the constant rotations of the spring. This in turn, enables the generated shock to vanish without interfering in the comfort offered by the ride. On the contrary, if you have a faulty absorber, then your car will go on bouncing for a long period.

Signs of a Damaged Shock Absorber

Some of the signs that will indicate that the life of your absorber is in danger are as follows:

  • Appearing of bald patches on the tyres
  • Vehicle sliding on the bends
  • Moves forwards badly upon hitting the brake
  • Oil coming out from the absorber
  • Vibrating of the steering wheels

If you find any of the above-mentioned signs, then seek help from the professionals to repair your car suspension system. However, as the struts and shocks always don’t show the warning signs, sometimes it becomes very difficult for the owner to determine its condition.

Replacement of Shocks and Springs

By working even in harsh climatic conditions, the spring absorber and shock undergo sagging. It has been observed that poor road maintenance and the existence of the speed bumps have further worsened the condition of the suspension system of your vehicle.

To find whether your shock absorber is fine or not, you can opt for ‘bounce’ test. In this test, you have to let your car go by putting pressure on anyone side of it. Note down the number of bounces your car undergo before stopping. Even if it has bounced only twice, it denotes that the car’s spring is damaged and needs to get checked immediately by an experienced professional.

Any kind of damage in a vehicle’s suspension greatly affect the safety. If left unchecked, it can cause early wear and tear of the tyre. In case, you are looking for a professional assistance to replace suspension of your car, feel free to contact us. With the use of cutting-edge technology, experience, and dedication, our car suspension repair team will provide you with effective and long-lasting solution. Moreover, you can expect us to deliver you the service at a complete team will provide you with effective and long-lasting solution. Moreover, you can expect us to deliver you the service at a competitive price.

Regardless of your car’s model and brand, we have gained mastery in finding out the root cause of the issue. By inspecting your vehicle thoroughly, we will determine the problems and fix it within a few hours. Before doing any kind of work on your car, our trained specialists will give you a price quotation.

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