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Oil and Filter Change at very affordable prices

A car’s oil works as a lubricant that minimizes friction between different components. In this way, it ensures longevity of the mechanical partsRegular checking of oil and filter makes the engine runs smooth for a long time. According to the experts, the oil should be changed by a professional car mechanic after every 1 year approximately.  The trained technicians of Tyre Centre have years of experience in changing car oil. To maintain the optimum performance of your car in a cost-effective way, you can surely consider our professional assistance.

Significance of Changing the Oil

Oil is the main support of a car’s engine. Even a little decrease in the level of the fluid will affect the lubrication. Friction will start to take place more frequently damaging the mechanical parts. If it goes on for a considerable period, then the engine will ultimately worn-out. Oil filter also plays a very essential role. It cleanses the oil by removing the debris. Hence, replacing the oil filter will prevent the clogging of the engine.

Signs of Low Fluid’s Level

If the maintenance light of the engine remains on, then it indicates that time has come when you should call a car mechanic. Coming out of the fluids in the driveway also is a sign of low level of the oil. Moreover, when burning smell is coming from the oil, you should get its condition inspected by a professional.

Tyre centre has earned its reputation among the clients by providing them prime quality engine oils. Our team of car mechanics Dublin always purchase oil from well-established lubricant manufacturers across the world. Pouring the right grade of oil is important to protect different parts. The manufacturer of your car will determine the oil’s grade by taking into consideration many factors like the engine’s operating temperature, and size of the car.

We are big enough in manpower to provide you with instant help throughout Dublin. If you’re undecided, then our technicians can recommend you the best oil type that will suit your vehicle. You can avail our services through either online booking or by filling up the registration form.

When you bring the car to our Dublin car service centre, we will diagnose the oil’s condition. If it’s contaminated, then we will drain out the leftover oil. After that, our technicians will replace the filter. Once they are done with it, the engine will be re-filled with quality oil. When we have completed all these steps, we perform a basic safety inspection. During inspection, we make certain that the newly replaced oil is not leaking from the system. We will hand over the car to you only when we’re sure that everything is working fine.

As our team have in-depth knowledge about car’s oil, they recommend synthetic oils in place of regular oils to their customers. Due to better lubrication properties of synthetic oil, its users don’t have to opt for oil and filter change frequently. You will get almost all types of oil at a competitive price at our service centre.

In our oil and filter cleaning service, we are ready to provide you free filter installation service.

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