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Clutch and Timing Belt Replacement

At Tyre Centre, you will get timing belt that will match your car’s design, irrespective of its make and model. Our comprehensive range of reliable and effective clutch and timing belt replacement service covers inspection of their conditions, selecting the parts from our huge stock, and free installation of that part.

Replacement of Timing Belt

It is the timing belt that controls the engine valve of a car. This belt is an important part of the internal combustion engine. In case, it gets broken, potential damage will occur to the engine compelling you to spend a lot of bucks on its replacement. While providing you the service, we can assure you of one thing- you will get quality replacement parts and workmanship from our end.

Almost all vehicles consist of a timing chain or timing belt. Though experts believe that timing chain has more longevity as compared to timing belt, yet you will have to replace it too after a certain period of time. Generally, after covering 105, 000 miles, both timing belts and chains worn-out. On the other hand, European cars require replacement of the timing belt after covering a distance of 75000 to 80, 000 miles. It means that both of them require replacement once they covered the above-said miles. By coming in touch with an experienced timing belt change service centre, you will be able to avail their timing belt inspection at accepted intervals.

Replacement of Clutch

car clutch is indeed the toughest mechanical part that consists of pressure plate, bearings, and clutch plate. Selection of gears depends heavily on the clutch of the engine. Its proper functioning is very important to keep the speed of the vehicle in check.

However, just like other mechanical parts, the clutch of a car also worn-out sooner or later. If you’re facing problem in picking the right gear, then time has come when you should consider its replacement. Clutch replacement is required also when the power is decreased during driving. If the engine fails to go up the steep hills smoothly, it means that the clutch needs replacement. Moreover, if you notice slipping of the clutch on the sudden working of the accelerator, then you should take it to a clutch repair centre without wasting time.

Experienced and efficient technicians are crucial to do the repairing service correctly. At Tyre Centre, you will get the repairing services from trained and expert professionals. By using manufactured approved parts, we make sure that the life period of the car has been enhanced. Our centre is equipped with the cutting-edge technologies that help us to find the faults with your car quickly.

We will provide you with a free price quote. At our centre, clutch and timing belt replacement cost are reasonable. The quote will give you an idea of our prices. If after diagnosing the condition of your car thoroughly, we find some other parts also require replacement, we will give you suggestions and the replacement cost accordingly.

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