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We have in stock all brands of new tyres

Are you looking for a one stop destination to buy tyres Dublin? Then why not try Tyre Centre! We are a leading car tyre supplier in Dublin. We are well-equipped with a huge stock of tyres from all leading tyre brands from across the globe. Also, our tyre prices are very competitive and largely affordable.

Car tyres are integral for safety and protection while driving. It is the only part of your vehicle that directly touches the road, hence significant in ensuring safe driving. At Tyre Centre we have everything stocked as per clients’ need and requirement.

We know what our clients need and accordingly we provide clients oriented services. In order to fulfil their requests, we offer top notch tyre brand and superior tyre fitting services at the most competitive rates possible. Besides holding stocks of continental tyres, we also offer economy and cheap tyres to suit the requirements of all budgets and living standards. If you want to avail our efficient services, browse through our website and read the specifications of all major tyre brands, including dunlop tyres.

When do you need to replace old tyres with new tyres?

By replacing used tyres you can achieve optimum control on your steering and braking systems. New tyres are available in decent prices and from leading brands. Talk to our expert automobile professionals and ask them to check tread depth as it serves as an important indicator of tyre wear. By inspecting on the tread depth, our guys at Tyre Centre will be able to know whether you need new car tyres or not. Also, before replacingm check the tyres minutely for any signs of wear or discoloration. If you find anything out of place, just come to use and we will be able to offer you productive solutions for any tyre service related problems.

How to shop for cheap car tyres?

The first and foremost thing to consider is your tyre size. The right size can be found by going through the owner’s manual or by closely inspecting the tyres sidewall. The brand name of the model and the design also matters a lot when buying the right tyre size. Also, consider where you are going to drive your vehicle, like is your vehicle going to ply on the roads of the city or you are going to take frequent long-distance tours.

Buying the right tyre size can be a bit confusing and may deem to be a harrowing experience, if you don’t have the right professionals by your side. Consult our tyre experts and discuss the characteristics and benefits of best tyres so that you can buy nothing but the best. We offer free quotes and consultation services to enhance confidence in the buyers. After all, knowing the features of a product before buying is very important. As you are going to spend your hard-earned money, you need to know for what you are spending.

Here, at the Tyre Centre, we have been servicing cars and vehicles for safe travelling on roads of Dublin. For honest work, qualified technicians and best value for money, contact us today.

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